Sell Salon Weight Loss Slimming machine

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Product Type:
WL-333A Name:
Low-Frequency Slimming Instrument
Body Shaping System, has 10 paths pulse ports which can connect 20 pieces of electrode pad to different areas of body, with 6 unique function key and 12 groups set computer programs inside. No matter reduce fatness, slimming, exercise breast, the beauticians now can operate it free to meet the customers different demands. If to the customer with special demands, beauticians also can set the computer programs over 100 types by own to operate those special demands.
Technical Standard:
Voltage: 110V/220V
Power: 12W
Hz: 50/60Hz
Temp. : 5-400C
Packaging Details:
Size: 96.8x59.4x47.8cm
Gross Weight: 18.2KG
Net Weight: 12.8KG