Sell Salted Garlic

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Salted Garlic, produced by Hebei Yongnian Gucheng Salted Vegetable Co. , Ltd, is naturally white and fresh in color. It is good to the taste. The nature appearance looks no illness, black pots, mechanical injury, pesticide remaining and pigment, food additive. All physical and chemical indexes are in accordance with Salted Garlic Segment International Standards. We have five grades for our Salted Garlic Segment you may choose the one most suitable for you from below: Grade A Salted Garlic: 200!+260 pcs/Kg, Grade B Salted Garlic: 260!+320 pcs/Kg, 320!+380 pcs/Kg,
Grade C Salted Garlic: 380!+420 pcs/Kg, Grade D Salted Garlic: 420!+560 pcs/Kg, Grade E Salted Garlic: 560!+700 pcs/Kg, The common package of our Salted Garlic Segment is 50Kg/plastic bucket or 500Kg/wooden case. Other specifications are acceptable by the pre-order. Our main markets for Salted Garlic Segment are Singapore, Canada, USA, East Europe, Japan, South Korea and so on.