Sell SanDisk Extreme III Secure Digital Cards 512MB - 2GB

SanDisk Extreme III Secure Digital Cards 512MB - 2GB
Product Specs:

* Designed to meet the critical speed and
performance needs of serious professional
photographerslets you quickly capture, view,
upload and transfer large image files
* Ideal for demanding photo shoots under severe
weather conditionsheat, cold, wind, rain,
snow, etc.
* Built to perform in the most extreme
environments and temperaturesfrom
-13: F to 185: F
-25: C to 85: C
* Min 20MB/second** sequential read and write
* Durable, reliable and thoroughly tested
temperature tested (heat and cold) ; shock and
vibration tested
* Data recovery softwareensures your photos
will always be there (even if you delete them
* Included travel case keeps your memory cards
* Lifetime limited warranty***

***Except Europe

Five Major Features:

1. Compact and Slim

The SD Memory Card measures a mere 24mm by 32mm by 2.1mm. Its slim, compact design promotes easy handling, an important factor for a "bridge media" which you can move between different appliances. Using decoder software, an SD Memory Card-compatible device can play music, video clips and more without a drive mechanism like those in CD and DVD players. This allows the equipment to be more compact and gives product designers new creative freedom. Reliability is also improved through the elimination of skipping on music files.
The miniSDTM Card, measuring 20 x 21.5 x 1.4mm (W x L x T) , is also available as smaller factor of the SD Memory Card.

2. Large Capacity

Small size is not enough. Capacity is equally important. SD Memory Cards are currently available in several capacities, and new 2, 4 and 8GB cards are on the way. This kind of large capacity is essential for use with a variety of digital content types, and especially with high-quality video.

3. High-Speed Data Transfer

Increasing data volumes and the increasing range of digital content has created demand for memory cards with higher data transfer rates.

4. Copyright Protection

Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM) , the copyright protection technology used for the SD Memory Card, is key to enabling a new distribution system for music and other commercial media, because it assures a high level of protection against illegal copying. The technology was developed by 4C (The digital contents copyright protection technology licensing organization of IBM, Intel, Matsushita, and Toshiba. )

Having a proven record in DVD, this protection is enhanced in the SD Memory Card through the use of "key revocation" technology that is built into the card.

The card's control circuitry allows data to be read and written (in its protection area) only when appropriate external devices are detected. A check-out (copying) from a PC to the SD Memory Card is restricted to 3 copies in compliance with the SDMI specification. All SD-Audio products comply with SDMI.

The SD Memory Card copyright protection function has the following features:
-Access to the SD Memory Card must be enabled by
authentication between devices
-A random number is generated each time there is
mutual authentication and exchange of security

5. Expandability - SDIO

With SDIO cards, new functions such as Digital TV Tuner, wireless LAN 802.11b, FM Radio etc. are added to host devices equipped with SD card slots.
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