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The art of SanLin Embroider , hand-knitted, which has long and rich history that beginning from Song Dynasty , in Ming-dynasty, G-embroider" joined, four village's women keep the pot boiling with the "SanLin embroider", moreover handed down from there's ancestors , the arts and crafts gradually so, san-in village was a called 'embroidery's village', SanLin embroider" imbibed four-fames embroider of china workmanship , innovate owner beauteous stitch. . Then, "San-Lin embroider" is the bests of embroider. It's famous because of its fine thread, thick stitch, kinds fo color, cleanness and no trace. The line used in embroidering is beautiful and fine, in addition to the design and color, and then the great art product is born. All the embroidered product is made by hand. The product China Dragon was honored by the Golden Medal on the 2005 Shanghai Fifth Folk Art Expo. Now, the traditional art is being integrated with some fashion factors under innovation ideas, which aims to make the traditional art famous and have a longer life.
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