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Application of Sand Making Machine:
Sand making machine is also called sand maker. It is applied widely for the powder process of mineral product including mental and non-metay ore, fireproof material, bauxite, diamond dust, glass raw materials, archtiectural materials, artificial sand and all kinds of metal ore materials, especially which has more advantages than any other machines in processing the more and most hard materials.

The final products of the Sand Making Machine have a much better cubical particle shape when compared to compression machines such as cone crusher. The Vertical shaft impact crusher has been proved revolutionary in improving capacity and in reducing operating and wear costs.

Operation principle of Sand Making Machine :
The supplies are falling into the whirling impeller of high speed vertically by the top of the machine, under high-speed centrifugal function, the supplies shunted with another part around the impeller in the form of the umbrella produce at a high speed, striking and crushing. Supplies which not bumping into each other, can form vortex striking with each other between impeller and chassis. The crushed materials will be discharged from the underpart directly, forming a lot of circulation of closed path. They will be sieved by the equipment and reaches the grain size of finished product required.

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