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Product Name: Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Size: DN15-DN250, 25-102, 1/2"-8";

Standard: DIN, SMS, 3A, ISO/IDF, RJT;

Connection: Welded, Threaded, Clamped, Flanged, Threaded-Welded, Flanged-Welded, Butt Welding;

Material: ASTM304, 316,316L;

Application: dairy, beer, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biological engineering and etc. Industries;

Fine chemical (pigment, glue, sealing compound, resin emulsifying, germicidal agent, coagulating agent) Petroleum chemical(lubricating grease, diesel emulsifying, asphalt modification, catalyst, paraffin emulsification)
Bio-pharmacy(injection, antibiotic, ointment, biopreparate, capsule emulsification, sugar coating) Coating&oil inks(printing ink, emulsion coating, construction coating, auto paint, coating auxiliary agent) Pesticides (bactericidal agent, seed coating agent, herbicide, pesticide emulsified oil, fertilizer, biological pesticide)
Nanometer material (dispersing and dispolymerizing nanometer material, extracting nanometer products in chemical reaction)
Food industry (juice, jam. jelly, ice cream, dairy products, additive, tea drinking)
Daily Chemicals (detergent, shampoo, cream, lipstick, cleaning facial milk, daily essence)
Paper making (pulp, adhesive, rosin emulsification, paper making additive, resin emulsification)

Surface Treatment: CNC Machined;

Grit & finish: 1. #400(Ra<=0.45m) 2. #320(Ra<=0.55m) 3. #240(Ra<=0.65m) 4. #180(Ra<=0.85m)
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