Sell Sanitary Napkin Production Machine HX-400B

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Women Sanitary Pad Machine(Machine for Women Sanitary Pad) (Women Sanitary Pad Production Line) (Equipment for Women Sanitary Pad)

HX-400B Model
1. It can produce dustless paper, fluffy non-woven fabric or three pieces style sanitary napkin pad (as per request, it can be equipped to produce wood pulp sanitary napkin pad) .
2. Independent packing type sanitary napkin pad after molded by main machine is becoming package type product after each structure of small package machine.
3. It can produce product without outer package by cutting off operation of small package machine.
4. Mechanical components of product crafts are advanced in structure, high in production speed and assuring in rate of finished products.

Character and Structure:
1. All relative parts have differential device for phase adjustment during operation.
2. Adopt vacuum absorption to convey material to correct place.
3. May change the variety of products through simple partial adjustment.
4. Electric heater hit dot for obvious lines. Adopt import element of electric heater with reliable service life.
5. Bear box and synchronous belt are adopted on relative driving parts to make it run smoothly and improve efficiency.
Main Parameters:
1. Production Speed: 200-300 pcs/min
2. Power: 30kw (380V 50HZ) excluding glue machine
3. Overall: L*W*H 9500*2100*2000mm
4. Weight : about 8 tons.

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