Sell Sanxing multi-stage high voltage electrostatic separator

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 1. General
Sanxing eco-friendly multi-stage separator is a high efficiency energy-saving product which is developed by our factory based on absorbing separation technology at home and abroad. With years of experimentation and theoretical analysis, this machine can reach the best separation effect. The ratio of impurities after separation will be less than 1%, i. e. the separation efficiency is up to 99%.
 2. Scope of Application:
Sanxing eco-friendly multi-stage and wind pressure separators can separate conductor and non-conductor, metal and non-metal and it is mainly used for waste printed circuit boards (copper and PCB) , all kinds of aluminum-plastic composite panels, food-packaging bags, toothpaste tubes, Wahaha plastic bottle caps, aluminum foil papers, metals mineral processing, etc. The wind pressure separator uses latest environmental-friendly triple dust collector s(cyclone dust collector+ electrostatic separator+ air purifier) , which is characterized by beautiful appearance, high applicability and small floor space and is the newest substitute of dust collector.
3. Main technical Parameters:
3.1 Separating amount: 1-10 tons/day (different models with different capacities)
3.2 Separating materials: all kinds of conductor and non-conductor, metal and non-metal, such as waste printed circuit boards, aluminum-plastic composite panel, metal mines, etc.
3.3 Separating efficiency: After electrostatic separating the purity can reach up to 95%-99.9%.
3.4 Capacity: 1.8 m long, 1.2 m wide, 2.8 m high. (Note: different capacity for single-roll, double-roll and multi-roll. )
3.5 Power supply: 220 V AC/3A/50HZ, 380 V
*Different materials have different separating effects, so please test the electrostatic property of the raw materials to determine the optimal separating scheme.
We have two products series:
1: Sanxing Double-roll High Pressure Separator
2. Sanxing Multi-roll High Pressure Separator