Sell SaoSA UV Curing Resin for Laminated Glass

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SaoSA UV curing resin is a one component ready-to-use resin cured by UV rays, you can cure the resin under the sun for sunlight curing or under the UV light tubes for curing by UV rays. It is not need to add any catalyst before curing, the curing time only need 25-35 minutes. Compared to PVB which is frequently used in processing laminated glass, no autoclaves nor heavy presses is required in using our adhesive. Moreover, low investment costs and low energy consumption are involved during production.

At present, we have three series of liquid resin for laminated different purposes glass for your choice.

SaoSA UV-S: For general laminated glass.
SaoSA UV-H: For laminated high strength shock resistant architectural glass and laminated hurricane resistant glass.
SaoSA UV-B: For laminated bulletproof glass

SaoSA UV Cured Resin has passed the tests for various standards. , as below, EN 356 PA PB EN 12543-4 EN 12600 EN 1063. With high quality and competitive price, SaoSA UV curing resin has been admitted by our clients from more than 50 countries as yet, I hope you can join them to enjoy the profits of SaoSA UV curing resin brings for you