Sell Saudi's Best Crude Oil

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I have a seller of Saudi's best crude (20, 000, 000 barrels a month) . Discount price is $4-$6 per barrel. Delivery to the US having the highest discount price. A $6 discount will be net with the buyer getting $3 dollars and the seller $2. The broker groups involved in the transaction getting $1 to be split.

The seller would request that the buyer be registered and provide proof and or will be registered with Saudi Arabia.

The buyer will need to provide a letter from a refinery unless the buyer owns a refinery where the crude is to be delivered.

Seller requests that the buyer have a website,

Before a purchasing contract is prepared, the seller wants a commission agreement signed.
Brand Name
Saudi's Best Crude Oil
Supply Capacity
Minimum Order Quantity
4,000,000 B/Month