Sell Sawdust Machine

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The chipping machine (also named sawdust machine) is a faster and much more idea and economical crushing equipment among timer crushers. Its finished products shapes vary from sawdust, granular to flaky.
Sawdust machine is an ideal new type machinery of producing wood flour. It can process raw materials into sawdust in one time, which is of low input, low dissipation of energy, high production rate, fine economic returns and convenient maintenance. It is especially applicable to the sawdust process of edible fungus in cultural medium. It mainly consists of cutting, crushing and blower fan devices. The cut timber through clipping machine is characterized by fine grain size, which can be sent to crushing mechanism for future crushing without drying. The crushed sawdust is delivered to aggregated place through blower fan. The whole equipment is driven only by one motor, which has a simple structure, compact arrangement, and cheap price, stable working status, low energy consumption but high output, good quality and low process cost. It can be also used to the clipping of fiber materials, covering bamboo, couch grass, corn stalk and sorgos. It can be also used for the production of shaving board and wood particle board.

This machine can be used to process pine, weed tree, poplar tree, China fir and bamboo. Since this machine has a compact structure, small floor space, fine clipping quality and low energy consumption and is applicable to flowing operations, it can be widely used to the medium-and small sized preparation department, such as shaving and fiber boards, as well as the production of commercial chip.