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Schizandra CapsulesLiver Protection Capsules

Schizandra Capsules is formulated using natural herbal ingredients, extracted using advanced biotechnology extraction methods. It is used for chronic hepatitis, alcohol liver, fatty liver, and inchoate hepatocirrhosis. Schizandra Capsules contains Schisandrin B(Sch B) from Schizandra known for effectiveness and performance on pretection liver!
Key Ingredients:
Schisandrin B(Sch B)
Schizandra Capsules can be used in Colds, Flu, Antioxidant, Anti-bacterial,
Chronic Fatigue(increased energy throughout the body) , Heart Disease, Immune system support through antioxidant effect, Post surgical recovery
Liver Disease -potent anti-viral effect against hepititus virus and chronic hepatitis, alcohol liver, fatty liver, and inchoate hepatocirrhosis.
Schizandra Capsule is a well tolerated product and offers comfortable usage for most users.
Schizandra Capsule works perfect and safer!
Liver diseases sufferers now can suffer with Schizandra Capsule!!
Schizandra Capsule is first class liver protection product at present time!!
Usage: One capsule per time, three times per day.
Pack: 0.46g*100 capsules/bottle

Description of Schizandra:
Schizandra Chinensis, a member of the magnoliacea family, is a large woody bush with pink flowers. Sometimes reaching 25 feet tall, it is native to Northern China and adjacent regions of Russia and Korea. Each fall it produces spikes of tiny red berries that are the source of one of Chinese medicine's premier herbal tonics. Schizandra's Chinese name 'Wu Wei Zi' translates as 'five-flavored herb' and refers to the fact that the schizandra berry has sweet, sour, hot, salty and bitter tastes.
Traditionally, it was valued as a longevity tonic said to increase energy throughout the body, including the brain, muscles, liver, kidneys, glands and nerves, a purpose for which it is still used in Chinese medicine today. It is considered to be especially effective in liver disease. It is also prescribed to help with digestive, lung and kidney problems, to improve vision, rejuvenate skin; and as an aphrodisiac.
Today, research is confirming those attributes calling Schizandra an 'adaptogenic' herb, helping the body increase its resistance to a host of stresses while improving the regulation of its physiological processes. This, in turn helps in cases of chronic fatigue and associated depression. It has been shown effective against hepatitis virus and bacterial lung disorders. It's a potent anti-oxidant and a support to the immune system. It's effect on the cardiovascular system is particularly notable, dilating blood vessels, increasing circulation, normalizing blood pressure and blood sugar.

Clinical Applications of Schizandra:
Colds: Respiratory suffort; effective against lung infections; acts as an expectorant; helps with coughs, wheezing.
Flu: supports stomach and intestines, helps in cases of diarrhea, nausea, indigestion.
Adaptogenic: normalizes and balances body systems; helps body adapt to stress.
Antioxidant: schizandra out performed vitamin E in scavenging active oxygen radicals (free radicals)
Antibacterial: In vitro studies indicated Schizandra is effective against Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus dystenterae, Bacillus typhi and Staphylococcus aureus.
Heart disease: vasodialator, increases circulation throughout the body, normalizes blood pressure, improves heart function.
Liver disease: Schisandra contains lignans that are known to have liver protective qualities including liver regeneration properties.
Immune system support: Increases energy, provides more oxygen for the cells.

How Schizandra Works:
Schizandra's mechanisms are not entirely understood, however, the active components appear to be lignans (Schizandrin, gamma-schizandrin, schizandrol, deoxyschizandrin ) and vitamins A, C, and E which perform a variety of tasks in the cardiovascular, pulmonary and intestinal systems and in the liver. Their activity seems to focus on maintaining the general health and energizing the full body system. Immunomodulating substances have also been isolated from the herb, some of which have cortisone-like effects. They work to normalize metabolic functions and to relieve stress. Schizandra also functions as a vasodilator increasing blood supply throughout the body, normalizing blood pressure and improving heart function. A recent study revealed that those individuals treated with Schizandra chinensis and Bryonia alba extracts increased the concentration of nitric oxide and cortisol in blood plasma and saliva. It is a virilent anti-oxidant that also shows anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity.

Safety of Schizandra:
Schisandra is very safe for long-term use, there have been very few side effects

Precautions for Schizandra:
Because of Schizandra's effect on sexual organs, not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.
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