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Schweppes released its new alcoholic Schweppes Infusion drinks last summer.
They over produced three of the flavors for the launch of the item and have asked me to export the product out of Canada.

* Vodka Soda - 32,020 cases (6x4/330ml)
* Vodka Soda Light - 6,160 cases (6x4/330ml)
* Gin Tonic - 14,490 cases (6x4/330ml)
7.9% alcohol content
There are 6 4-packs per tray (24 bottles/tray) .
Trays/Pallet 60 (360 4-packs per pallet)
Pallet Weight 1836lbs
Pallets/Load 22 (1320 trays/load)

We have full cooperation with the manufacturer on this inventory and have all the required documentation including a Certificate of Origin. This is fresh product with almost 2 years of shelf life remaining. A letter from the manufacturer authenticating the goods and the expiry will be provided as a condition of Purchase Order only.

Currently retails in Ontario at $9.95 CDN for the 4-pack ($2.49/bottle) .

$2.40 USD for the 4-pack ($0.60/bottle)
FOB Toronto
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