Sell Scrap Metal: HMS1&2 used rails

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My name is Cho Sun and my company is Destin Trading Group, . We work to serve our customers needs for HMS and Used Rail. We are a seller mandate to the second largest scrap dealer in the world today. We have 105 yards in 6 Countries. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service in the industry and work hard to maintain that status as I'm sure your company does.

We speak to hundreds of buyers a week that are suspicious, as you should be, as we know you have dealt with numerous so called sellers with below market prices and they never deliver. Our prices are based on market conditions and are consistent with all of the top sellers in the world. Our prices are competitive but they are market driven.

We do not do any spot purchases, trial shipments, 2 in 1 contracts, allow yard visits, send photos, GPS coordinates, cut rail to size, shred scrap or container shipments. We require a minimum 30K MT purchase on a 12 month contact basis. All prices are all CIF no FOB. You are welcome to inspect the product at the shipping port and have your own inspection done (at your expense) . We are confident that our product more than meets ISRI standards. The majority of the feedback we get from our first time customers about our scrap and rail is "incredible". Our proof of product is done by our bank during the POF and POP step in the process .

We have set procedures which we apply to every customer regardless of their size or the size of their request. We treat everyone the same, we value every relationship. We establish the price and commissions before you issue the LOI as the agreed to price has to be in the LOI. Please send us your target price as well as desired commissions.
We have basically two requirements those being a LOI to establish that we are dealing with a real buyer and secondly we require payment by a RTDLC. Please send email to find out more. We can provide any documentation you want, including pictures. Thank you.