Sell Scrap Metal

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Origin: Europe, Russia, North Africa
Our Position: Agent direct contact with Seller Mandate which qualified buyer will be allowed to have direct communication after intent
HMS 1&2 { 80/20}
HMS 1 { 100% }
USED RAIL { R-50-R-65}
1) Buyer issues exclusive LOI and BCL (less than 5 days old )

2) Seller issues FCO and draft contract to Buyer

3) Buyer counter sign/stamp and return back FCO and draft contract to Seller

4) Seller send signed/stamped final contract to Buyer

5) Seller sends hard copy of final contract by courier to Buyer

6) Buyer issues non operative confirmed, irrevocable, transferable FFDLC,100% at sight

7) Sellers bank provide POP, AQSIQ and all documents, SGS, port of loading etc to buyers bank

8) Seller issues 2% PB to activate LC become operative

9) Visits are welcomed at port of loading only.

10) Shipping Commences between 30-45 days

11) LC payable at sight against Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, SGS Quantity and Quality Assay, Non-explosive and Non-Radioactive Certificate, ISM certificate


Minimum: 30,000 mt spot all prices above is net