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Buy Large Quantity Scrap Metal (November 19, 2007)
We are directly representing 2 Korean buyers who are ready and interested in buying high quality and large quantity scrap metal, used rail, copper scrap, iron ore and nickel ore.
1-1) Steel scrap for
smelting: HMS NO. 1 and/or HMS NO.1/2 80%:20% or better; Minimum 30,000MT (+/- 10% AT SELLERS OPTION) up to 100,000MT per month for 12 months (1 year)
1-2) Copper scrap
2) Following are to be excluded:
- Any completely sealed container vessel, bomb or any explosive materials
- Scrap contaminated by oil, grease and/or radioactivity.
- Electric motor
- Automobile scrap with alloy-contained machinery parts

1) Our buyers
are two of the world-leading steel companies based in Korea, and we handle only the large quantity supplies for them. We'll immediately release our buyers' names after NCNDA. If you're a serious and legitimate seller and/or
supplier, we'll be very happy to work with you. You'll also be very happy working with us and securing two new major buyers.
2) For those
who are not serious and legitimate: LET'S NOT WASTE OUR TIME. We have been successfully handling international commodity trades for a long time. Please do not waste your time if you're not a responsible party. We do not work with a long chain of agents and brokers OR some scammers hunting for buyers' banking information. If you're not a supplier's mandate or immediately related agents, please do not contact us. We'd welcome and appreciate working with genuine, responsible sellers and suppliers.

If you are readily capable of supplying large amount of scrap metal for the next one year, we'd sincerely appreciate if you could provide the following information to us at your earliest convenience. Upon your
request, we'll be happy to execute an NCNDA with you. Please request our form (registration form attached herewith) OR provide your own to us. Only if you provide the following information, we'll respond to you.
1) Each product grade and specification available (HMS 1 and/or HMS 1+2)
2) Origin and yard locations
3) Shipment
4) Loading Port
5) Delivery Timeframe
6) C. I. F. price to Incheon, Pohang or Pyongtaek Port of South Korea (using your or/and buyers vessel/freighter company; Discharging port in Buyers option
7) Your vessel/freigther company information
8) Your relationship with an end supplier
Our buyers expect a seller to present the copies of following documents within three (3) working days after a sales contract execution date. Sellers/Suppliers MUST allow Buyers' yard visit for POP at Buyers' own expense after contract.
1) Clean on board ocean Bill of Lading.
2) Commercial Invoice.
3) Packing list.
4) Certificate of draft weight issued by authorized and Independent Surveyor(S. G. S. ) at the loading port.
5) Certificate of quality issued by authorized and Independent Surveyor(S. G. S. ) at the loading port.
6) Non-Radioactivity Certificate issued by Independent Surveyor(S. G. S. )
7) Non-Explosive Material Certificate issued by Independent Surveyor(S. G. S. )
8) Stowage plan.
5. PREFERRED PROCEDURE: If our buyers express their interest in your soft quote and other information provided, we will get our buyers' LOI or sales contract addressed to you immediately.
1) Send us your soft quote. We're afraid we will not send you an LOI with banking information first.
2) Execute the NDNCA between you and Econo (before or after your quote)
3) Send our buyer's LOI or sales contract to you
4) Finalize the Contract w/Buyer and M. F. P. A. w/Econo
5) The seller issues an Irrevocable Pay Order (IPO) for Econo
6) CONDITION: The buyer's POP site visit at buyers' own expense after contract
7) The buyer issues LC (or 100% TT payment within 3 banking days after the completion of discharging if the
sales volume is small)

8) Final inspection at a loading port
9) Loading complete / LC operative / IPO operative

Econo is a
legally representing and advising global buyers, sellers, trading and investment firms doing trade and business to and from Korea.
If you would like to establish new connections with and/or switch existing channels to major volume buyers in
Korea, We welcome you. Please contact us at any time.
Other than the scrap metal, we also deal the fine quality iron ore (65% Fe or better) and copper trade as
well. Please contact us at any time if you'd like to discuss serious and legitimate business with us.
Thank you very much. We look forward to working with you for the profitable future