Sell Scratch Off / Pin Labels for prepaid cards

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The best solutions on security and anti-forging for scratch card.
Scratch labels: This kind of new model scratch labels, easy to scratched, better prevent forging performance, used widely in the password covering card, such as telephone card, recharge card, game card etc. This product has the characteristic of opacity, prevent forging, prevent stealing, one-off using, and better secret. It used in all kind of labels machine or hot stamping machine, the speed can be up to 25000-40000pcs per hour for the labeling machine, and 30000pcs per hour for the hot stamping machine. Labels applied is stable, easy to release, and not cut off liner even high speed running.

Provide for customer all kinds of scratch labels, we have skilled experience in exporting, the products has exported to more than twenty countries or areas.

Customer top, quality firstly, we are providing customer best completely service.