Sell Screen exclusive distribution station

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Due to its high reliability. The DPJ Series A. C. Distribution Panel is specially used in communication system, equipment room, building floor distribution and high building, subway station etc. where the power supply distribution safety and reliability is the first important request. It consists of world wide famous components and special process. It has double power line exchange, heavy duty, multi-way distribution, wattmeter, voltage, current measure and display, lightning arrester, remote RS232/RS485 communication interface. Flexible practical and reliable system design plan and compose. It is the first choice to use as input and output power distribution for communication station, multiple set UPS, high frequency switch power etc. It can be produced as the requirement of user.

 Multi-way input and output.
 Double way input power supply exchange, by automatic, electro-servo, handle drive device. The exchange time can preset.
 There is lightning arrester at input terminal.
 Individual record wattmeter for industry and civil use.
 Ammeter and Voltmeter.
 RS232/RS485 Standard interface is available on request.
 A. C. Monitor, electric parameter measure, each breaker operate state, input power state, diesel-engine generator start, on and off information record, restore and display back etc are available as requirements of user.

 Computer rooms
 Telecom data communications computer rooms
 Process control centers
 Intelligent buildings
 C3, C2, large & medium exchanges
 Toll call exchanges, backbone, transmission
 GSM, CDMA mobile exchanges, mobile tandem exchanges