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1. Overall upgrade of the core components:
Reform the shape of gear: Improve the air production efficiency, energy conservation.
Reform the mesh and seal of the rotor: Improve volumetric efficiency, reduce the noise of.
Reform of length: Diameter ratio: improve the rigidity of rotor, decrease vibration, reduce the noise.
Optimize the distance of core and rotor: Improve the utilization factor of the rotor; prolong the useful life of bearing.
2. Overall upgrade of the PLC controller and integral structure.
Chinese and English PLC controller interface -- Automatic control, automatic protection, automatic alarm, remote control, concurrent operation of several compressors.
0~100% air consumption control: Auto-adjustment of air input, energy conservation.
Integrated temperature control: Keep the oil temperature, reduce the pipeline interface, and make the machine work stably.
Enclosed cooling system: The new cooling fan matched with new-type wind-drive, reduce the energy consumption and reduce noise by 2-3dB (A) .
Safe and convenient interior structure: Unique transmission parts and isolation device, flexible auto-tightening device, easy to maintain, and high efficiency.
Totally-enclosed structure: All the components and parts are equipped in one cabinet; meanwhile the silencer and shockproof facilities are fitted. It is not necessary to make foundation, just connect the pipeline and power the compressor.

Sample Detail:
Free air delivery (m3/min) 0.8
Pressure (bar) 8
Power (KW) 5.5 (415/50Hz)
Noise level (dB(A) ) 60
Cooling method Air cooling
Oil content (ppm) 1~~3
Connection Rp3/4
Dimension(L*W*H) 925*620*1400
Weight (Kg) 180
Available Colors
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Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
Warranty Coverage
one year