Sell Seacell Seaweed Yarn

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The pure fiber of Seacell. is a cellulose fiber with completely new applications. This special fiber is produced by the so-called Lyocell process using cellulose and seaweed as renewable resources. The new approach is to use the Lyocell fiber as a functional carrier for natural substances such as seaweed. Seaweed contains the minerals of the sea. This explains why the most divers chemical elements can be found in the seaweed materials. In addition, seaweed contains carbohydrates, amino acids, fats and vitamins.

To preserve the smoothness and firmness of the skin , seaweed is used in cosmetics to improve the blood supply of the skin, activate the meta- bolism and thus promote skin renewal. The active ingredients of the seaweed are incorporated into the Seacell. pure fiber. Upon contact with the skin, these ingredients can be released.

Seacell. active has Antimycotic and antibacterial properties. Consequently, Seacell. active is ideal for bioactive textiles such as sportwear, underwear, socks, work clothes and household fabrics, as well as for allergy sufferers and hygiene articles.

1. 30% Seacell. pure/ 70% Pimma Cotton

2. 20% Seacell. pure/ 80% Pimma Cotton

3. 20% Seacell. pure/ 10% Seacell. active/ 70% Pimma Cotton

4. Ne 20/1 - 40/1

5. Other blend ratios and materials are also acceptable.