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Our prices are per pound of product.

Product can be packaged in plain bags and boxes so you can place your

Own labels if so desired.

1. PRAWNS: HLSO (Head Less Shell On) , Packed in 5lb Bags, with 10# x 5

lbs in Box of 50lbs Frozen:

Size Price (US$)

10/15 11.28

16/20 9.85

21/25 9.46

26/30 8.25

31/40 5.50

41/50 4.57

51/60 4.02

61/70 3.52

Over 70 2.97

2. SEABOB SHRIMPS: Packed in 5lb Bags, with 10# x 5lbs in a Box of



Size Price

90/110 3.36

110/130 2.75

130/150 2.53

150/200 2.15

200/300 1.54

300/500 1.32


(a) Fillet: Packed in 15lb Boxes Frozen:

(i) Cat Fish: fillet skin off 1.62

(ii) Banga Mary: fillet skin off 1.50

(iii) Banga Mary: fillet skin on 1.32

(iv) Banga Mary: butterfly 1.03

(v) Banga Mary: pan ready 0.84

(b) Whole Gutted: Packed in 60lb Boxes Frozen:

(i) Red Snapper from = lb to 1lb 2.16

(ii) Red Snapper from 1lb and more 2.52

(iii) Banga Mary 0.86

(iv) Spanish Mackerel 1.26

(v) King Fish 1.32

(vi) Butter Fish 1.08

(vii) Gill Backer 2.40

(viii) Grey Snapper 1.38

(ix) Sea Trout 1.08

(x) Snook (Small) 1.20

(xi) Snook (Large) 1.50

(xii) Cat Fish 1.08

(c) Head / c bone off: Packed in 60 lbs Boxes Frozen:

(i) Grey Snapper 1.38

We export the Angel Product Brand, Ocean Ketch, Roraima Product Brand

And also Plain Boxes for customers to use their own labels.

The Angel and Roraima Product Brands are already in circulation around

The Caribbean, Latin America, USA & Canada.

Advise what quantities you need shipped so that we can work out some sort of discount for you.

Related Information:

Prices are in United States Dollars per pound, delivered to your


Shipment in either 40 foot Refrigerated Containers of 24 Metric


or 20 foot Refrigerated Containers of 12 Metric Tonnes. (1Mt=2,000lbs)

A Container Ship leaves Guyana, South America every Second Monday

of every month.

Payment Terms: A Down Payment of 30% on Placement of Order, and


Payment of 70% on Thursday prior to shipping from Guyana, South