Sell Seal Joints Grout

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1 Excellent ability of anti-seeping, water resitance, increase the waterproofing effiency of overall.
2 Overcome the problem of the agent flowing out.
3 Colored product, prevent to fade, dry and crack, chalk, and non-toxic, environment friendly, anti-alkali and abrasion, ensure the perfect effiency.
4 Excellent ability of anti-moulding, keep healthy and clean.

Fill the joints after the ceramic tiles of the external&internal wall are fixed.

1 Usage quantity varies rough and fine patterns with the size of the tiles, the joints width and depth.
2 Mix ratio: Rough grout: Water=4: 1, the fine grout: Water=3: 1
3 Pour the agent into water, stirring the mixture with the electric mixer until it is equal, no block and creamy, then allow the mixture stand of 5min, better to re-stir it and it is ready to use.
4 Using a rubber squeeze or rubber grout float work the mixed grout throughly into joints.
5 Use the wet sponge/cloth to clean the surface of the tiles after dry them about 2-4hours

Package and storage
25kg/pack or 2kg/pack store at cool and dry places, the shelf life is 6months

1 The grouting surface should be free from dust, oil&dirt, they should not be too dry or wet, and as to the high water absorption should be damped with wet cloth firstly. Grouting should be started after at least 24hours after the tiles are fixed.
2 The better work temperature is 5-40. C, prohibit from the rain in 10hours after working.
3 Don't clean the grouting surface by acid washing agen
4 The dry block mortar could not use with water any more.
5 Leave 1.5-10mm joints width.
Minimum Order Quantity
10 Tons