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Middle capacity seawater desalination equipments are suiable for island, station and coastal cities lack of water. Effectively remove non organic salt, heave metal ions, organic virus and bacteria in the seawater, desalt seawater to life drinking water which good quality comfirm with state drinking water standard. Pre treatment of this system adopts full automatic multi direction combination valve, complete automatic big flow back wash and wash. The wholly new shell of this series of system adopts anti corrosion material on pipelines, ensure the whole system endurable. Main machine of RO system adopts the most advanced RO system software and membranes with good quality, on the base of equipment capacity, combine with high efficiency and unique energy reclaim technique, ensure low cost when system operates. Equip with advanced inspect and monitor system, ensure stable operation, output water with good quality( when output water excess watchful valve, the system auto open discharge valve, lead ourput water to sewer. ) which offer the exact information of system operates condition. Advaced flow, pressure controller valve and discharge, drain piplines are equipped in the whole system so that keep the whole pipe system operates stable, safe, and system safe and reliable.
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