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SecureIIS Web Server Protection

SecureIIS protects Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) web servers from known and unknown vulnerabilities, working within the IIS web server, analyzing incoming and outgoing web server data for security breaches. SecureIIS relies on heuristic attack detection acting as a true intrusion prevention system. Unlike intrusion detection systems, SecureIIS does not rely on a database of signatures to determine if an attack is taking place.

Web servers provide a portal to your internal network, so they require a more formidable and customized level of protection above and beyond what network firewalls or IDS' can provide. Firewalls are designed to allow traffic intended for the web server to flow through to its destination with minimal scrutiny. IDS solutions detect and block attacks based on known attack signatures, yet are helpless in the face of new web-specific attacks. Code Red and Nimda are perfect examples of worms that took advantage of Microsoft web server vulnerabilities and inadequacies in firewalls and IDS solutions.

Developed specifically for Windows-based web servers, SecureIIS operates within Microsoft's IIS and actively inspects all incoming requests at each stage of data processing to prevent potentially harmful network traffic  whether encrypted or unencrypted  from penetrating your servers. Even unpatched servers are protected from damaging 'known' and 'unknown' attack attempts. SecureIIS does not rely on a database of attack signatures, and protects Microsoft servers by intelligently blocking entire classes of attack methods.

SecureIIS provides an easy-to-use interface so you can quickly customize the security of your Microsoft web servers with confidence, while maintaining critical functionality of the applications dependent upon IIS.
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