Sell Secure and Elegant Steel Doors

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1-TSE Certified materials are used in production of all our products
2-Door sheets are CRSA+1 quality,0.80 mm -2 mm steel alloyed DKP sheets
3-Door edge frames are pressed with resistance adding patterns
4-The metal parts are cleaned with layered system by using oil-cleanse material and are coated iron phosphate before dyeing.
5-Metal parts are painted with electrostatic powder paint which is resistans against every kind of strike and sketch
6-Embossed paints are dried in ovens and varnished to resist any color changes in the future.
7-Easy-to-mount doors can be mounted in one or two hours without causing any damage on the wall or paints. The doors have bellows and are filled with concrete.
8-Having doubble-lock system, the doors have an inside special chainlock system as well. A spot light system can be added on top door upon request.
9-For the paints of our furniture, we have all colors of rose, mahogany, walnut, oak and ponpon.
10-Three hinges are used in our doors.
11-The cooper used in our hand-made cooper patterned doors is varnished in oven to resist against corrosion and darkening.
12-4 Pieces of fixed safety bolt is attached at the side of hinge to our doors.
Brand Name
Steel Door
ISO 9001&3A2000 / EN ISO 9001&3A2000, TSE
Available Colors