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Keep Your Conversations Top Secret! When you talk over a data network, anybody connected to that network can potentially eavesdrop on your conversation. SecurePhone provides state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect against interception by third parties. SecurePhone is stronger than most digital cellular telephone services  a real plus for laptop users on the go.

Authenticated Connections: SecurePhones strong authentication features allow you to be sure of the identity of the person with whom you are speaking.

Lower Telephone Bills: SecurePhone lets you keep in touch with people around the world without incurring long distance phone charges. By sending compressed and encrypted digital voice packets over the Internet, SecurePhone maintains high quality voice transmission while bypassing the traditional telephone network. (NOTE: Connection charges with your ISP and local telephone company tolls will apply. )

Technical Specifications: Voice Quality: Lucent elemedia. software codecs provide 'better than toll quality' voice compression at 10Kbps (20Kbp in full duplex mode) and low bandwidth support at 3Kbps (6Kbps in full duplex mode) Encryption Algorithms: DES (FIPS 46-2 & 81) , Triple-DES (ANSI X9.52) , and DESX Key Exchange Mechanism: Diffie-Hellman (ANSI X9.42) Entity Authentication: Strong authentication following FIPS 196 Cryptographic Strength: 512-, 1024-, and 2048-bit public keys

Special Features: Two-way voice communication allows users to speak to one another in real time (full duplex sound card required) . SecurePhone Address Book maintains names, phone numbers, internet addresses, and public keys. Speed dial buttons provide quick and easy connections to other SecurePhone users. Voice Mail capability allows you to send encrypted audio messages. Automatic translation of country and area codes Test mode for recording and playback Cryptographic options include Elliptic Curve operations and Key Recovery functionality. A Palladium modem may be used with SecurePhone if FORTEZZA-based cryptography is desired. Operating in this manner provides an additional layer of hardware-based encryption with dual KEA/DSS-based entity authentication and key agreement, and Skipjack-encapsulated TDES voice encryption.

Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT4, or 2000
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