Sell Security Burglar Alarm System from China

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- Microcomputer chip set adopted as control panel unit.
- Wireless received, high sensitivity, high anit-tamper(PIR with tamper switch)
- 13-zone Control Panel with build-in keyboard, without help of phone to set protection, Having 24-hour monitoring zone.
- Each zone can be put more sensors -expandable up to 5 each zone.
- Wireless remote control: Four button, fully programmable key with arm button(Lock) , disarm button(unlock) , panic button, PIR arm/ disarm
* Panic button: Emergent button to activate alarm and dial tel.
- Supports partial arm/disarming of a group of zones within a partition by remote control.
* Note: PIR detector is preset for the second zone which can be disarmed solely.
- Remote phone control: VIP phone module gives the end user ability to control the system conveniently from any touchtone phone or
other communication tools.
* VIP phone module means Cutting the coming phone call or the tel dialog immediately when it detects an accident occured, then dial the
preset tel No.
* Remote phone control means the end user can operate the control panel via phone to disarm/ arm/ start on/off siren and listen to
what happend when received alarm call.
- Can store and change 6 groups of preset telephone No. and automatically and circularly dialing the tel No. when accident happen untill
- Can store up to 10 seconds recording duration, and can be recovered. (you can hear the recorded voices by your mobile when you received
the alarm call)
- UPS power or rechargeable battery built-in, both of that are automatically switched.
* UPS power or Rechargeable battery can work for 36 hours in case of no electricity supply.
- System reset to origin
- High security features: Possword protection when you are away to opreate the system or password reset.
- Can be connected with Center of Computerized Report / Receiving Station of alarms.
- Available in several optional frequencies in compliance with international standards.

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