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Security Display Bracket for Camera / Security Cameras Display Holder

This holder is suitable for security displays for consumer digital products such as mobile phones, cameras, MP4s etc. With this holder, displays become simplified. Meanwhile, convenience is realized for customers to choose & buy merchandises.

1. Height of holder: 15cm.
2. Triple Alarm Protection
3. Suitable for Open-shelf Cameras Display, provide anti-theft charge supply, data statistics, demand transmit.

This holder is best for displays of live electronic articles. Customers can get the article on hand easily to look over function & exterior of displayed articles freely. Provided someone wants to take away the displayed article, it will give alarm immediately & wont stop until supervisor comes to reset the alarm.

KHT40D is used for displaying cameras, video cameras, etc. , you have to select the electronic sensor set outside the holder. There are three protection for displayed articles.