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Reader model BP-2002 uses an alphanumeric LCD to display information such as time, card ID, incidence, personnel ID, etc. , making it suitable for complex operational needs. Other than using it as a guard tour management reader, the BP-2002 can also be used for many other purposes such as work-attendance checking, vehicle management, animal identification, parts management, etc. because of its ability to display related information.

1. Make readings without contact
-Reads RFID signal card checkpoints from 5cm away, eliminating wear and tear.
-Cards can be hidden inside walls, reducing sabotage and theft.

2. Ruggedized and Shock-Absorbent Design
-Aluminum casing.
-Structral anti-shock design.
-Drop-tested 100 times onto hard surfaces.

3. Completely Waterproof
-Electronics are completely sealed via silicone pads.

4. Flash Memory Data Storage
-Retains information even without electricity, ensuring data security.
-Ultra-large 4MB storage space, or 28671 records.

5. Extremely Energy-Efficient
-Single-use lithium battery lasts approximately 2 years, or 300000 readings.

6. Guad tour data is managed via powerful and flexible software on the PC.