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1. Wireless work mode with accessary detectors.
3. Can set ID code when the system is needed to join a management center network
4. Infrared motion detector separately armed or disarmed.
5. Automatically 10 seconds voice recorded to refer to an accident
6. Remote control by controller within 100m
7. Siren or Mute siren for controller key press setting
8. Siren or mute siren setting when main panel detect accident
9. Alarm time to be delayed after main panel receives signal.
11. Emergent button to activate alarm and dial tel.
12. Siren or mute siren when telephone line is destroyed.
13. Can store and change 6 groups of telephone No. and continue to dial the tel No. when accident happen.
14. LED display indicate the defense zone, can show up to 90 zones
15. Old password is needed when set a new password or system rest to origin.
16. Password needed setting when disarm defense
17. Password needed when you operate(arm, disarm, siren, mute siren, ect) the system by telephone
18. Can hear the recorded voice and can hear what happen when you receive the alarm dial tel .
19. UPS power or rechargeable battery built in .
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