Sell Security burglar alarm wallet , Anti-theft wallet

Security burglar alarm wallet , Anti-theft wallet You May Also Be Interested In: anti theft wallet security burglar alarm
This kind of wallet work in light theory and with high sensitive sensor and inside speaker .

No matter what a thief take your purse , or you are not careful to fall off your purse, this kind of purse will alarm you by loud sound.

Wherever the thief go, the sound will follow .

Strongly protect your property much more than common wallet.


1. Open the wallet , put the switch to the "on" position , it will siren .

2. Then close the wallet and put it into your pocket or bag to make it in a black surrounding .

3. When someone take the wallet or the wallet fall down , the wallet will siren to inform you to protect it carefully.

4. When yourself use the wallet, you can switch off the button first and after using , switch it on again.
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