Sell Security camera lens

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1. Sensor size: 1/4' CMOS
2. Max image circle: "4.6mm
3. EFL: 1.7mm
4. Optical BFL: 2.5mm
5. Mechanical BFL: 1.5mm
6. F/NO: 2.5
7. View of field:
Vertical: 880
Horizontal: 1200
Diagonal: 1500
8. Mount: M12xP0.5
9. Total length: 14.1mm
10. Wavelength range: 650nm +/-10nm
tansmission: 50%
11. Construction: 2G2P+1filter

Note: EFL is the effective focal length, it is different from BFL (BFL is the value from the rear surface of lens4 to image plane at infinity, including 0.5mm IR filter and 0.4mm Cover glass.