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"The electric fence " is the abbreviation of intelligent perimeter guard prevention alarm system, it is the popular theftproof alarm equipment in the world presently, introduces the world newest security guard ideas to prevent primarily, to alarm auxiliary, the electric fence has more superiority compared to the existing perimeter security and guard products: generally speaking, the infrared correlation doesnt have prevention role to the intruder, while high voltage electric net , although can play the role in preventing, but due to the formidable alternating current function causing persons death, extremely dangerous, but electric fence truly achieves: prevent primarily, alarm auxiliary, no any harm to human body while playing prevention role. Meanwhile, the electric fence has extremely low false alarm rate, furthermore, the installation and debugging conveniently, high reliability, while playing the alarm role, it has more strong deterrent power compared to the infrared correlation. Besides, from the views of installation and debugging, maintenance, service life and comprehensive factors, obviously electric fence is a better choice compared to existing perimeter security and guard products
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