Sell Seed Clean and Separation Machine

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Product Description
The machinery can thresh, clean and separate corn cubs. The machine has threshing and air clean and screen function. It is not only suitable for corn, but also for wheat, rice, sorghem, alfalfa, vegetable seeds, beans, etc if chosen different sizea of sift. It can remove big, small, light foreign matters and dust off from the seeds.

It can be used for seed clean, but also for grains, oil seeds clean and export process.

It has strong clean and separation function, it can also classify seeds into three degrees. We provide the sift size according to clients' order.

Working efficiency: 2/3/5tons per hour available.

Technical parameter:
Chosen rate: >=98%
Enhenced Purity: 2%-5%
Broken rate: With threshing function<=2%, without threshing funtion<=0.5%
Move speed: <=10 Km/h

Model: 2.0-3.0-5.0