Sell Seeds and Nuts shelling machine for sale (sheller)

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We manufacture seeds and nuts shelling machinery in China. Our main products are
1. Sunflower Seed Dehulling Machine (i. e. Sunflower Seed Huller, Sunflower seed hulling machine, Sunflower seed peeling machine, Sunflower seed peeler, Sunflower seed shelling machine, Sunflower Seed Sheller, Sunflower Seed Dehuller, Sunflower seed peeling plant, Sunflower seed shelling plant, Sunflower seed dehulling plant, Sunflower seed hulling plant) ,

2. Pumpkin seed dehuller (i. e. Pumpkin seed dehulling machine, Pumpkin seed hulling machine, Pumpkin seed huller, Pumpkin seed shelling machine, Pumpkin seed sheller, Pumpkin seed peeling machine, Pumpkin seed peeler, Pumpkin seed shelling plant, Pumpkin seed peeling plant, Pumpkin seed shell removing machine, Pumpkin seed dehulling plant, Pumpkin seed hulling plant) ,

3. Hempseed dehuller,

4. Castor Bean dehuller,

5. Dehuller for the seed of tung tree,

6. Buckwheat dehulling machine(i. e. Buckwheat dehuller, Buckwheat sheller) ,

7. Peanuts dehuller, (Peanut sheller, groundnut sheller)

8. Mung bean peeling machine (Mungbean decorticator, Mungbean blancher)

9. Almond sheller (apricot sheller, almond dehuller)

10. Cleaners for oilseeds and kernels, elevator, roaster, etc.
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