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Network computer (NC) is a terminal unit that works under the network computer environment. Comparing with the PC, it has no hard disk, floppy disk and CD-ROM. It gains resources from the network. The software and data are stored on the server. NC has convenient data interface and data processing ability close to the PC. Therefore, besides characteristics shared with PC, NC is easier in management.

Application fields: government, army, bank, taxation, enterprise, school and habitation.

Advantages of NC compared with PC:
The cost of installation reduces by 30%.
The total cost in five years reduces 80%.
The electric charge reduces 92%.
The cost of software reduces more.

1. Avoid being attacked by the hacker and virus.
2. Avoid losing the datum.
3. Avoid downloading the secret information without permission.
4. Avoid damaging the system by mistake of hard disk.
5. Avoid logging on the net during work time.
6. Avoid playing games during work time.
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ISO9001, CE, CCC
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100 pcs
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L/C or T/T
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1 year