Cooperate Seeking Investors in Cleantech environmental IT- Waste Management information technology

Seeking Investors in Cleantech environmental IT- Waste Management information technology You May Also Be Interested In: cleantech environmental waste environmental waste management metal containers rf id
we are looking invesmants to compiled the enlistment of the needed resources for the operation and expansion of a company that will be established to manufacture and market Waste Management Information Technology System developed by WM IT in world wide

the company has developed the building blocks and the foundations that will provide the tools needed to create data for the layer of Information of the Waste Management collection. Those building blocks are the systems that contain the RF ID implementation into the bins and containers together with readers and dedicated computers and communication devices

The waste Information Technology starts with the layer of communication between the trucks and the data processing at the main control center, with the client server providing the relevant data to all the users. The process of WM IT starts with the basic source of information the identification of each and every bin and container being collected.
medium 5 m 8 m and large size 32 m containers
weeled bins (containers) sized 140 L 240 L 360 L 770 L 1000 L
the 5 m 8 m metal containers
ground containers that are lifting and emptying into the truck
All systems includes the on board computer and communication hardware and software needed for establishing the task of gathering the data and transfer it to the central computer base station and from there to intranet of the municipality organization

The targets an investor or strategic partners that will assist WM IT in capitalizing the vast experience obtained by WM IT in the field of Waste Management

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Mr. Gaon Mier