Sell Selenium 74 for Sale

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We have a seller available to supply Selenium 74 with terms and conditions as below. Pls contact us if interested. Thanks.

PRODUCT : Selenium 74
ORIGIN : Russian Federation
QUANTITY : 2000 gr or more (tranches 500 gr)
QUALITY :99,95 Isotope purity or better. 99,95 Chemical purity or better. Inactive. Packed in glass ampoules
PROOF OF FUND : Certification of capital.
DELIVERY : For examination at FRESENIUS LAB, Free Zone Frankfurt
ANALYSES COSTS: Buyer. 100 gr will be delivered. If Seller does not perform, commodity belongs to buyer.
DOCUMENTS : Certificate of origin, -Chimical analysis, certificate of nonradiation, Isotope analysis, Certificate of Customs e. g. T1, Fresenius documents
After signing Contract seller hands the commodity to free zone Frankfurt + 100 gr for testing.
The procedure will be made by notary.