Sell Self Clinching Keylock Standoffs

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Self Clinching Keylock Standoffs reduce both the time and costs associated with traditional assembly methods for, say, PCBs.

The design of this fastener allows a panel or PCB to be quickly slid sideways and locked into place via a keyhole shaped hole in the mating panel. To remove, simply slide the opposite way and lift the panel off. A Through-Hole or Blind-Standoff can also be used in conjunction with this part to provide a secure fixing with 1 screw removal.

The use of this fastener will also minimise the amount of loose hardware (screws, for example) usually associated with such tasks.

Installed from the bottom of the panel, Keylock Standoffs install flush and are suitable for installation in Steel and Aluminium bottom panels of minimum 1 mm thick with the Keylock feature suitable for top panels of 1.45 mm to 1.62 mm.

Available in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium in a range of lengths to suit your application.

Like all self clinching fasteners they are installed using a parallel squeezing action so require access to both sides of the panel.