Sell Self-Contained Integrated Marking Machine (Thermoplastic)

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This machine not only has the capability of being a hand push marking machine but also has hydraulic pressure drive equipment by itself that enables increased speed of line construction, and results in reduced labor force for working in your projects. It is the best choice for large areas or mountainous regions of highway line marking construction and more advances than hand push marking machines.
1. Auto-moving the direction of forward or turn over, steeples speed regulating
2. Hydraulic pressure drive powerful, speed fast of construction and high efficiency of working.
3. Stable welded profile frame construction, light and agile
4. Safety warning light and night light.
5. Special materials of marking bucket, heat-resistance, anti-cauterization, hard melt alloy grounded knife, active design
6. Same-step sprinkle the bead, convenient construction, adjusted quantity of sprinkle for saving the beads.
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