Sell Self-Extinguishable Fiberglass Sleevings

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We can offer many kinds of Insulation sleeves, such as Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve, PVC Fiberglass Sleeve, Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeve, Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeve, Heat Shrinking Sleeve and Polyurethane Sleeve etc.
Self-extinguishable fiberglass sleevings are dielectric, with self-extinguishment function, excellent softness and elasticity.

These products are widely used wiring insulators for H grade electrical machinery, domestic electrical appliances including TV sets, and electric apparatus in addition to collected wire strands protection.

1) Materials: Non-alkali fiberglass, silicone
2) Excellent bioelectricity, automatic quench, soft
3) Rated temperature: 10C-200C
4) Rated voltage: 1,200V, 1,500V, 2,500V
5) Inside diameter: 0.5 - 25mm
6) Widely used in household electrical appliances, electric heating devices, special illumination, TV sets and electric instruments