Sell Self-Regulating Heating Cable For Fire Pipeline Heat Tracing

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Fire pipeline is the guarantee for construction security. However in cold winter, some fire pipelines are often frozen because of lacking preventing frostbite measures. Once fire accident happens, fire pipeline is not available to be used in time, and the safety-hidden hazard maybe brings some extremely severe damages for the whole building.
JHF series of Self-Regulating Electrothermal Cables (no need of temperature control artificially) have ideal function of preventing frostbite and heat preservation, especially is fit for the heat tracing and heat preservation of fire pipeline, and it is energy source conservative, and easy to use, additionally has very good effect of temperature control and heat preservation. And the traditional way is adopting steam pipeline heating, which takes long time and delivers very low efficiency, also makes a lot of energy consumption
JHF series of Self-Regulating Heating Cable shows a soft strip of flat shape, which is very convenient to bend, twist or lay on the fire pipeline needing heat preservation and preventing frostbite. This cable has characteristics of heating, automatic heat preservation and temperature limitation, that will successful prevent fire pipeline frozen in winter. We will provide a comprehensive set of products and relevant technical services. You may visit our website to see more details, if you have any question, please send us email for further discussion.
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