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JH OIL Self-Regulating Heating Cable is our special product designed for Oil Well Heat Tracing, which has outstanding advantages of convenience for installation and maintenance. By electrifying the high-performance cable with appropriate current in the deep oil well, we can heat the viscous crude to decline the viscosity, reduce the force of friction, and reach the viscous crude exploitation situation, simultaneously automatically adjust and control the heating temperature by PTC thermistor, not only without pollution to environment, but also realizing the high efficiency of viscous crude exploitation. This special technology is very safe and reliable to remove the tough problem of firm power equipment like, cable over-heating or burned, avoid severe accident (especially gas well) . By the successful technical innovations, this product can be used in desert viscous crude and ocean viscous crude exploitation fields. You may visit our website to see more details, if you have any question, please send us email for further discussion.
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Jia Hong Brand
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JH OIL Self-Regulating Heating C