Sell Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch

Self Sealing Sterilization Pouch You May Also Be Interested In: antiseptic self sealing sterilization pouch sterilization pouch two sided
1. Uses the special two-sided adhesive tape to agglutinate and seal, does not need the specialized equipment to realize the fast effective seal.
2. Uses three side explosion-proofs craft to prevent bursts effectively.
3. Provides change-color instruction to make the antiseptic condition clear.
4. Through the transparent thin film may clearly look the goods inside, effectively prevent the mistake.
Adapts the antiseptic way: ETO, STEAM
Uses: Hospital, outpatient service antiseptic packing, cosmetology thing before use disinfection; laboratory thing antiseptic packing; family high temperature disinfection packing.

Code Inch Size Packing Packing
ZF083160 3.25W6.25 83W160mm 200pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
ZF070260 2.75W10 70W260mm 200pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
ZF090260 3.5W10 90W260mm 200pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
ZF135260 5.25W10 135W260mm 200pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
ZF155260 6W10 155W260mm 200pcs/Box 10Boxes/Ctn
ZF190360 7.5W13 190W360mm 200pcs/Box 5Boxes/Ctn
ZF305430 12W17 305W430mm 200pcs/Box 5Boxes/Ctn
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