Sell Self-adhesive elastic bandage

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Use Instruction
1. After the part that need bandaging is cleaned, you can use it directly; and if it is joint dislocation, wrench etc. , after the patient is treated-by specialists, the present product can be applied;
2. When tying up, you should select a type of bandage that best fits the body, and the most commonly used is 5cra, 7.5cm, and 10cm;
3. When tying up, you should adjust the bandage to a perfect direction, so that the bandage get the best tightness while in the same time making the partunder bandage feel the most comfortable;
4. When tying from the foot to the lap, you should take care to reduce the pressure of the bandage gradually;
5. Ask the doctor how to tie up the more complex parts
REMARK: The specifications and length and color can be tailored to meet the client's requirements.