Sell Self-propelled Thermoplastic applicator

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We supply high quality Thermoplastic applicators for road line marking.

1/. Self-propelled thermoplastic applicator. RYZ-I/II , ZRST-I,

Drive system: 5.5HP,
Forward: 0-4km/h.
reverse: 0-3.2km/h.
Climbing: 150.
material tank: 120kg,
Heat system: Fueled by LPG
Heating temperature:0-300
Variable width glass bead dispenser: 100, 150, 200, 300mm, hopper:15kg
Line width: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm,
Line thickness: RYZ-I/II1.5-7mm. , RST-I/II: 1.5-2.0mm
Lock rear caster

2/. Self-propelled Thermoplastic Applicator for Zebra Crossing, ZRBM

1. Engine: 3.0 Hp
2. Driving system: (HTS) . Forward: 0-4km/h. Back off: 0-3km/h. Climbing: 150.
3. Heating system: LPG
4. Marking bucket: Capacity: 75kg.
5. Locaking front swivel caster:

6. Marking speed: 6-8m/min.
7. Lination width: 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm(optional by changing market bucket) .
8. Glass beads system: Capacity: 30kg.

4/. Ride-on self-propelled thermoplastic applicator
Model: XRZ-I

1. Engine: The 18Hp water-cooled electric startup diesel engine with four cylinder inline, low noise and environmental protection has water temperature, voltage and engine oil indication.
Max rotating speed:3000r/min.
Fuel tank: 50L

2. Driving system: HTS variable speed transmission system with automatic brake device, freely operated in forward, reverse, stop.
Forward: 0-22km/h;
Reverse: 0-12km/h;
Climbing: 15 degree max

3. Marking bucket: Hydraulic pressure driven pneumatic controlled scraped marking bucket by . Structure board made of high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance special steel sheet. Ffloor knife adopts tungsten steel knife-head. Standard configuration including 150mm bucket. (Option for other size according to customer)

4. Material tank: Capacity: 450kg, heat insulation jacketed, made of cold-rolling oxidation resistant steel with erect type hand stirrer device. Temperature to be freely controlled according to the different coating.

5. Glass beads dispensing system: Hopper capacity: 75kg, synchronous with the paint screeding system.

6. Air compressor: Piston type, 0.6m3/min

7. Chassis: Firm welding frame, four wheel structure, gas-filled tubeless tyre diameter 500mm, hydraulic power assist tilt wheel steer wheels, stable brake system, operator seat on the left or right

8. Electronic control: Set various marking standard control, enables the micro-electronics intelligent control. Freely adjust the types of marking according to customer individual.

9. Dimnsion: 2380mm (L) x 740mm(W) x1650mm(H) .

10. Weight: 585kg(exclding 50KG LPG jar)

11. Transportation: Option for tilt-trailer (type:TGC-I) device, easy for long distance transportation.