Sell Self-propelled grain harvesting combine KZS-7 "Polesie"

Self-propelled grain harvesting combine KZS-7 "Polesie" You May Also Be Interested In: grain grass seeds harvesters
The combine is intended for direct and separate harvest of grain cereal crops, and with application of special adapters, delivered by the additional order, for harvesting of grain parts of sunflower, leguminous, grain crops, grass seeds and maize.
Complex executing following agricultural processes: cut and pick-up of grain mass, thrashing, separation of grain, harvesting and unloading of grain from grain tank, also harvesting of straw, stack of straw into swath, scattering of chopped straw on field or gathering into stacker with unloading of ricks.

Combine completed with header for grain crops.
Testing records in Povolzhskaia testing center No. 08-87-2003, in UkrNIIPIT No. 01-34-2003
Certificate of conformity No. ROSS BY. RB01. B08161

1. KZS-7 equipped with cutting device with planetary drive with conic steps. Construction excludes piling of cutting device and provides increasing of harvesting speed.
2. Combine equipped with detector of stones.
3. Cabin placed in the center of combine, has fine visibility of harvesting devices.
4. Engine placed behind grain tank, it provides reduction of noise, temperature in cabin. Cabin equipped with system of devices for normalization of a microclimate, which provide comfortable conditions of operating of harvester.
5. Vibrating bottom of the grain bunker promotes a stable unloading of wet grain.
6. Reliable electric-mechanical actuator of reel variable-speed drive.
7. During harvesting process combine KZS-7 has low fuel consumption in compare with analogue harvesters.
8. Unification of combine KZS-7 with serial manufacturing machines KZR-10, K-G-6, KSK-100A compound about 80%.
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