Sell Sell:New Dual SIM Card (Magicsim)

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1) Two number in one card
2) Invisible Magicsim dual SIM card, while SIM 1 switches to SIM2,
SIM 1 is invisible. When someone call SIM 1, the system tone noticed
"the number you dialed is out of service" or " the number you dialed
can't connect for the moment, please dial later", it's rather than power
off. The Global origination, "not connect" which is the newest and
unique function in this field. (This function is the newest and the most
special function in the dual SIM card field)
3) Two number auto-switches on line, two numbers can be set separately
from one minute to ninety-nine minutes)
a) SIM1: set from 1-99min
b) SIM2: Set from 1-99min (the auto switch time of two numbers can be
set separately, the time can be set from one minute to ninety-nine
4) Initiate show number on screen function
5) Language select (Chinese /English) , customer OEM local language available
in large orders
6) Direct switch numbers without re power on/off
7) The record of calling memory function
8) Support special 3F cards and 3B cards
9) The most highly applicability of the mobile (solve the problems of the new
style NOKIA mobile phone which can't be used)
10) Use the import America IC
11) Quality control by Japan standard
12) Meticulous design from Taiwan
13) Taiwan patent number M275641

Content parts:
1) Steel cover x 2
2) SIM card sticker with cutting shape x 2
3) Recover card slot x 2
4) Recover sticker x 2
5) User manual x 1
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Patents or Trademarks
Taiwan patent number M275641
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