Sell Sell:Polyolefin masterbatch

Sell:Polyolefin masterbatch
1. Hongtai Brand Polyolefin masterbatch adopts Switzerland CIBA-GEIGY wet Method grind technologys and is extruded by di-screw extruder. The unique technics ensures high dispersibility of pigments and top quality

2. Application:
1. Common masterbatch is used in pigmentation of Puff film, drawbench, plastic injection, and etc.
2. Fibre grade masterbatch is used in pigmentation of long thread, short thread, unwoven cloth, film, super-thin film etc.
3. Plastic injection grade masterbatch is used in pigmentation of injection.

3. Speciality of products:
1. Provide complete chromatogramed ones by computer color -matching system according to customers individual requirements.
2. Choose the most suitable carrier for customers according to different use condition.

4. Note items:
Use similar melt flowage speeded resin.
Prevent masterbatch from damp and the damped product can be used after drying.
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