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NO.11 Hyaluronidase
1. Source: from Chinese Cobra Venom
2. Description:
3. Product NO. :
4. Mol wt:
5. Physical status: white lyophilizated powder
6. Storage: -20?
7. Identification of biological activity:
8. Usage fields:
A: Function of dispelling hematoma and edema, alleviating lack blood damage and
lessening miocardial infarction area.
B: Decomposing Hyaluronic Acid: Used as an important diffuse drug reagent. Used as
filter reagent in clinic to facilitate drug absorption and dissipation of edema of
haematoma caused by operations or wound. Used to quicken up the drug diffusion of
endermic or intramuscular injection; absorption tissue tumefaction after operations or
hematoma caused by trauma. Also, it can be used in intramuscular or joint rheumatism
and fibre tissue inflammation, hypopyon nubecula, etc.
C: Used in human body: It can temporarily reduce mucosity of intercellular substance,
urge the diffusion and absorption of hyodermic, local accumulated extravasate or blood.
It is an important drug diffusion reagent.
Quotation 30usd/mg